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With a practice originally founded in 1989, Terry Botros and a dynamic team of IT professionals formed inContextC2B, Inc. and have been a trusted source of superior, cost-effective IT solutions for over 25 years.  In those years of consulting services we have found that successful engagements always start with the fundamentals: understanding, communication, trust.


Terry has held several senior consultant positions at Kelly Blue Book, both as an individual contributor and as an acting member of the senior technology team. Terry led our efforts to build a Syndication Product Group and our first online syndicated products. Terry is smart and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him for any senior technology/business/analytical role.
Justin Yaros
CIO, Kelley Blue Book

Our client relationships are strengthened by the way we approach any engagement.

  • First and foremost, we work to gain credibility and trust from the very beginning.
  • We make sure we understand our client’s business, the markets in which they compete, and their overall business strategy. This helps us communicate with our clients effectively and to contribute both meaningful business and technology value.
  • We define the engagement goals clearly before we start. We ensure that any services we provide are framed in context of our client’s environment, enabling us to produce solutions that are right for their unique needs.
  • We exercise sound project management skills throughout our engagement, and communicate status clearly and often.

We combine business knowledge, industry experience, and a depth of IT professional expertise with a cost-effective services delivery model.


inContextC2B, Inc. is based in beautiful Newport Beach, California.


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