Digital Asset Management and Compliance Checking

The Client’s Need. The client’s team was charged by their end-customer with building a comprehensive system for uniformly and consistently distributing digital marketing assets (images, videos, incentives, inventory) to a network of 1,200 auto dealers for use in dealer web sites.  The client’s team was also charged with building a compliance component that would automatically scan all dealer sites to ensure compliance with enterprise marketing & content standards, including lexical text & image analysis.


How we helped. In response to our client’s request, we undertook an engagement in which we:

  • Took responsibility for eliciting, capturing, and reviewing business & detailed requirements with both client and end-customer teams.
  • Provided domain expertise as needed for both teams.
  • Assumed project management responsibility for the project, including overseeing local and remote development teams.
  • Planned multiple development iterations to meet contractual agreements.
  • Served as point-of-contact for all project management aspects for both client and end-customer.
  • Performed user testing and coordinated acceptance of test results by end-customer.

Outcome. The system was successfully implemented and is in the process of being rolled out to all dealers.